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Thanks TOP – Teatri Off Padova, Pikkart’s Augmented Reality and History

Thanks TOP – Teatri Off Padova, Pikkart’s Augmented Reality and History

published at : Wednesday 27 September 2017

TOP-Teatri Off Padova – social enterprise that combines three of the biggest paduan theater associations – has chosen Pikkart and its innovative technologies, like Augmented Reality and geolocation, to discover and narrate “hidden” and unknown corners of Padua: a “Padova Sottosopra” (Upside down Padua), like the name of the project. It’s a choice that embraces #DigitalTransformation while reflecting the strategic objectives of their cultural brand “Museum Alive”, which goal is to promote new means of communicating and enjoying artistic, cultural and historical landmarks.


The Augmented Reality App “Museum Alive”, for smartphone and tablet, will soon be tested for the first time during a city-wide urban game in which the players will be able to interact with historical corners of the city of Padua in a totally new way, more engaging, interactive and absolutely fun. Thanks to Augmented Reality it will be possible to have access to special content, like 360-degree pictures, information blurbs, and interactive maps.

The “Museum Alive” App, developed with Pikkart-AR SDK (click here to download a free trial), our in-house framework made to build groundbreaking software applications with advanced Augmented Reality features for mobile devices, is compatible with Android and iOS.


To find out more about “Padova Sottosopra” and Museum Alive visit http://www.teatrioffpadova.com/

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