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Pikkart gets into The Augmented Reality Olympus

published at : Tuesday 25 July 2017

New important international approval for Pikkart.


Pikkart is the only Italian company to be mentioned by VDC Research in the prestigious report “The Global Market for Augmented Reality Development Solutions” (http://bit.ly/2vxZpJY). VDC is an American company that deals with research and analysis in the field of new technologies like Augmented Reality and Internet of Things. Pikkart is positioned among the 21 realities that have an important place worldwide in the development of software solutions (app) with Augmented Reality functions. Among these companies there are international leader groups that work to increase the digital innovation like Apple, Asus, Epson, Facebook, Google, Lenovo, General Electric, Microsoft, Siemens e Snap.


A sector, the one of Augmented Reality, that for the specialists of new technologies, is destined to explode in relatively short times thanks to the wide range of applications -from publishing to the large retailers, manufacturing industry and the world of culture, just to give some examples- and thanks to their incredible flexibility and awesomeness.

To confirm this approval, the new release of our proprietary software development kit for the development of augmented reality apps, PIKKART-AR SDK 3.0 has been recently issued. This new version improves the marker tracking and recognition. PIKKART-AR SDK 3.0 is now able to recognize simple images like business cards, logos and pictures.


The Augmented Reality apps, developed with the new PIKKART-AR SDK 3.0, are able to recognize markers from a longer distance compared to the previous version but ensuring at the same time a greater stability of the content displayed so improving the user experience (UX) of the Augmented Reality application, also on Unity.

To protect this new Augmented Reality engine, a patent application has been lodged to the Italian patent and trademark office, with the possibility to extend it at European and global level.


It’s possible to download and try free of charge our PIKKART-AR SDK 3.0 at the following link. (http://bit.ly/2uvmcJz).


PIKKART-AR SDK is available for the main operating systems (IOS, Android, Window). 


Last update: Pikkart  25/07/2017
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