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AWE USA 2017, Pikkart superpowers stand out in the global AR scene

AWE USA 2017, Pikkart superpowers stand out in the global AR scene

published at : Thursday 04 May 2017

This summer there was the 8th edition of the most important exhibition in the world dedicated to the leading technological innovations in the field of Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR): Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2017 .


In Santa Clara (California), in the mythical Silicon Valley, the top AR players in the world have introduced the newest technologies of 2017 in front of 5000 visitors, specialists, potential customers and investors, exposing the Superpowers that Augmented Reality can give to change the world.


Pikkart was at stand 120 (see the map), into the Santa Clara convention center, where presented our latest AR solutions. In particular:


  • The new release of our proprietary Framework (PIKKART-AR SDK): Detection improvements (recognition of the marker from afar) and Tracking improvements (stability and smoothness in marker tracking), also on Unity;
  • Performance improvement: for even faster AR experiences;
  • PIKKART-AR LOGO engineering, our last proprietary technology  it supports the recognition of 1 billion different codes, with 100% accuracy (it’s foolproof). To discover more, click here
  • The latest AR Apps thanks to our sound expertise on AR, Computer Vision & Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Proximity Marketing (Beacons).


Another important news of this year it’s the application to the Auggie Awards, that will be assigned to the best innovative technologies. Pikkart has been confronted the top players in the world with the spirit of reaching the highest peaks of AR. We've been in competion in the “Best developer tools” category.


It’s possible to download a free-trial of our PIKKART-AR SDK and to vote us at this link


Vote us!! We need your support!




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