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Augmented World Expo ASIA & EUROPE 2016, constantly connected with the world

Augmented World Expo ASIA & EUROPE 2016, constantly connected with the world

published at : Wednesday 10 August 2016


In view of the huge success achieved in Santa Clara (CA) and following the great interest shown by organizers and foreign investors, Pikkart took part in the events of the Augmented World Expo Tour 2016, scheduled in China and in Europe. Thousands of visitors are expected, together with investors, developers and potential partners from all over the world, eager to find out, see and test the latest advancements in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Therefore, Pikkart’s worldwide presence continues in the suggestive settings of:


  • Gate of Metropolis of Xi'An (24-25/ 09), defined by many as the Silicon Valley of Asia, as well as one of the most important cultural treasures of the country;
  • Berlin’s Convention Center (18-19 / 10), one of the most important political, cultural, scientific and trade centers in Europe.


Pikkart will present advanced applications in augmented reality, geo-location and proximity marketing, all made with our innovative and proprietary software ecosystem: our Augmented Reality framework (PIKKART-AR SDK), our platform for augmented reality content management (AR-PIKKART CMS), our image recognition and image retrieval cloud services (PIKKART-CRS), our proprietary engine for digital content creation in AR (PIKKART-3D) and our Geo-location based augmented Reality (PIKKART GEO).


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