A group of highly specialized companies, experts in the development of innovative solutions and application software, and in the delivery of IT services for the national and international market.


The Pikkart Group provides solutions and services with high added value, based on 100% Italian proprietary and patented technologies, that help the customer increase their value by optimizing and improving their business processes.


Thanks to partnerships of excellence and brands specialized in the various sectors of Information Technology, Pikkart Group is today one of the most important suppliers of innovative IT solutions and services on the Italian scene.


Pikkart is the pioneer scaleup in developing Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Over the years, Pikkart has carried out an impressive R&D activity - also in collaboration with important universities, multinationals, government organizations, and technology transfer centers - and has thus come to create and patent (at the Italian and international level) new technologies applicable in various areas (anti-counterfeiting, industry 4.0, marketing, facial recognition, healthcare, smart cities, etc.). Today Pikkart has solid and effective technologies at the service of solutions on the market.


Ai4SmartCity is the innovation partner of Public Administration Bodies that operates nationally as a Software House, in particular by providing specific modular solutions for institutional communication. Ai4SmartCity specializes in the digitalization of services for Smart Cities, using Pikkart's Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Ai4Health is an Information Technology, Consulting, and System Integration company specialized in the creation of highly innovative services for organizations and companies in the Health and Social Care sectors, providing solutions to meet the most current needs, through Pikkart’s Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Before Pikkart, there was Progetti di Impresa.


Progetti di Impresa s.r.l. was founded in 1998 with the goal of supporting the innovation of Italian public organizations, and it soon ranked among the leaders in Italy in the supply of ICT applications for Hospitals, Healthcare Companies, and hundreds of PAs. Among its clients there are the Spedali Civili of Brescia, the Gaslini Hospital of Genoa, the ASLs of Milan 1 and Milan 2, the Municipalities of Bergamo, Bologna, Bari, etc.


In 2014, thanks to the passion and skills of the entrepreneur Lorenzo Canali (owner of Progetti di Impresa), Pikkart was born, a pioneer scaleup in the development of Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Once he saw the enormous potential of the market, Eng. Canali turned to excellent technicians and university researchers, such as Davide Baltieri and Giovanni Zuffolini, who are also Founding Members, to give the company a first class team.


Over the years, Pikkart has carried out an impressive R&D activity - also in collaboration with major universities, conglomerates, organizations, and technology transfer centers - investing around 4 million euros, and reaching revenues of over 1.7 million euros.


In December 2020, Progetti di Impresa gave Ai4SmartCity, through a capital increase, its business branch called "Web & Mobile Solutions" which provides PAs, companies, and organizations of various kinds, innovative products and services for Smart Cities, citizens, tourism, culture, mobility, and territorial promotion.


At the same time, in December 2020 Progetti di Impresa gave Ai4Health, through a capital increase, its company branch called "Health & Welfare" which supplies Hospitals, Healthcare Companies, Service Providers, Areas and Social Districts, and Organizations of different nature, with innovative products and services for Telemedicine, Social Care (Social Helpdesk, interventions, assessments, Social Records, etc.) and for Healthcare (Single Point of Entry, Integrated Home Care, Screenings, etc.).


Ai4Health & Ai4Smartcity have unique and patented state-of-the-art technologies based on Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision, which will allow them to provide all customers with a new generation of products and services.


Both Innovative Start-Ups, created to bring Pikkart's unique and patented solutions to the Healthcare, Welfare, and Smart City sectors respectively, are 100% owned by Pikkart.

Archive photo of the initial historical core of Pikkart, 2017



The Pikkart Group's offer stands out on the market thanks to twenty years of experience in the sector, the operational flexibility of the team, and the great skills of the individual resources of the group, as well as thanks to the characteristics and quality of these fundamental elements:



The two patents, fully developed and owned by Pikkart Group, have been protected not only at an Italian level but also progressively at an international level. To date, there are no competitors on the market with comparable solutions.


Each of the two patents:


  • Finds application in numerous sectors
  • Guarantees obvious benefits in many contexts: anti-counterfeiting, traceability, assistance, maintenance, enhancement and protection of cultural heritage (museums, cities, tourism), interior navigation, industry 4.0 (quality control, security, logistics, etc.), marketing
  • Is disruptive for the various sectors in which it is applicable
  • Allows customers of the Pikkart group to quickly return on investment (ROI) and can be activated in pay per use mode

Pikkart AR Ecosystem, the third distinctive and unique element of Pikkart Group, has the following characteristics:


  • It's fully developed and owned by Pikkart
  • It’s a complete suite of applications for augmented reality (SDK, CMS, CRS etc.) integrated by CV and AI, which can also be used by Pikkart for its clients or by its partners

  • Pikkart Group was the first in Italy to have developed such a suite
  • Pikkart Group’s suite stands out from solutions for the absolute quality of the integrated CV functions (recognition, tracking etc.), the presence of the Content Management System and other elements
  • Furthermore, Pikkart Group has fully developed this technology and therefore has all the know-how to model it also on the specific needs of its clients



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