Imagine visiting a museum and being able to learn more about an artwork simply by pointing your device at it.

Imagine working at a factory and being able to access the operating data of a piece of machinery simply by pointing your device at it.


Imagine being in a store and being able to have access to exclusive sales simply by pointing your device at the products.


Imagine no more, we can make it a reality.


Whether you need a new way of interacting with art, or an innovative tool for managing your factory’s data, we can build the app most suited for your needs, using our visual recognition software Pikkart-AR Discover.

How does it work?

Pikkart-AR Discover is an Augmented Reality software that recognizes objects in context - like a piece of machinery in a factory, a car in a showroom, an artwork in a museum – and makes it possible to link content such as information sheets, pictures, videos and 3D elements to objects and places.

How? Just by taking a few reference pictures and loading them into the software, automatically creating a model that is then associated with an augmented reality content.
Unlike other visual recognition and augmented reality software, it doesn’t need a 3D scan of an object or of an environment in order to recognize it, making it lighter, quicker, and cheaper.

Application Fields

Industry 4.0: IoT data of every single piece of machinery of a plant
Cultural Heritage and Museums: room and artwork recognition
Retail: in-store recognition, single packaging recognition
Interior Navigation: navigation in malls, train stations, airports, etc.



Project cofunded by the European Trust for Regional Development

Last update: giuliafiorenza.campagna  30/06/2023