Born from the need to provide an adequate care service to people suffering from chronic illnesses during the Covid-19 emergency, Telehealth is a software tool able to offer, remotely, all the characteristics of a medical check-up through the management of a "virtual clinic" that uses Augmented Reality and other technologies to interact with the patient. This technology makes for an empathetic approach, which is fundamental in the doctor-patient relationship, especially in a remote check-up.


Telehealth makes it possible for periodic check-ups to be carried out remotely using different technological tools:

mobile application for healthcare staff and patients
back-office web application for healthcare staff only
two-way chat between healthcare staff and patients
videocalls between healthcare staff and patient
document sharing  (diagnosis, reports)
augmented reality with the segmentation of the operator's hands on the patient's screen
augmented reality with annotations on the patient's screen



Telehealth makes it possible to:

protect the weaker patients  from the virus
protect healthcare staff
have a communication channel open 24/7 tra between patients and healthcare staff
save time and money  by avoiding travel
monitor a higher number of patients


Telehealth's broader goal is to provide means of contrasting the spread of the COVID-19 infection. The project aims to reduce the risks and costs of social care processes with the introduction of a new advanced IT solution that allows medical staff and patients to carry out remote control visits through video-chat and Augmented Reality, and does not require costly organizational or structure changes.


The Project allowed Pikkart to create a software application accessible from the app store that makes it possible for medical staff and patients to carry out remote control visits, through the use of technologies like Augmented Reality. Thanks to the application, doctor and patient can see each other during the visit and the doctor can efficiently and safely monitor the patient's health even from a distance.

Project co-funded by the European Trust for Regional Development

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