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Pikkart releases our own AR SDK

Pikkart releases our own AR SDK

published at : Friday 18 November 2016

During the AWE 2016 roadshow, the most important exhibitions in the world dedicated to AR and disruptive technologies, Pikkart released its proprietary AR SDK, the ideal solution for developers, web/marketing agency and hw/sw vendors that want to create innovative AR Apps for mobile devices or add advanced AR features into existing Apps.


Pikkart AR SDK is part of an innovative, easy to use, reliable and complete Augmented Reality (AR) Ecosystem. Pikkart AR SDK is the ideal solution for the development of AR App, available for a wide range of mobile devices using iOS, Android and Windows.


We are the only ones in Italy and among 12 in the world to completely own a proprietary AR Ecosystem Wholly developed by Pikkart our ecosystem boasts several differentiating modules, integrated with each other: a mobile AR software development kit (Pikkart AR SDK), a responsive Content Management System specifically designed for AR (PIKKART-AR CMS), a fast and precise cloud based image recognition and retrieval service (PIKKART-CRS), a proprietary 3D engine for AR experiences (PIKKART-3D) and Geo-located Augmented Reality (PIKKART-GEO).


One of the distinctive features of Pikkart AR SDK is the robustness and the stability of the tracking algorithms and the high quality of the Image Recognition. That is why Pikkart has formally submitted patent applications for both technologies.


As a further value-added elements, which differentiates our own AR SDK from international competitors, Pikkart has developed a worldwide unique and disruptive technology, AR LOGO, that allows to associate different AR experiences to the same image by embedding and hiding binary data inside and image. This technology can be used with every kind of printer and paper. The intellectual property of the methods and algorithms related to AR LOGO are owned entirely by Pikkart. The results of these R&D activities have been protected by a patent application.


To learn more about Augmented Reality (AR) and our AR SDK, visit our website, download and try for free Pikkart AR SDK, purchase our tools and get started developing your own AR App.


If you want to get inspired by our solutions, click here and here.


Follow us on Facebook  and Twitter and see some tutorials about Pikkart AR SDK on our Blog or on YouTube !


Pikkart, from now on, allows you to reinvent your reality!

Last update: Pikkart  18/11/2016
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